Construction Code Office

Notice: 3/17/2020

Due to the COVID 19 Emergency Construction Dept. will be limiting inspections to residential homes and     businesses until further notice. 

All new construction and exterior inspections will continue to be completed,(i.e. decks, pools, fences, sheds, etc. 

Certificate of Occupancy Inspections will only be completed on unoccupied dwellings. 

Any questions regarding your construction inspections please contact the department at 856-423-9129 Ex.201

When dropping off payments or other materials, place them into the mail slot on the door.

When picking up a permit, call ahead and someone will meet you outside.

Construction Code official,  
Brian Hacking

Construction Permits

Township residents are reminded to call the Construction Office at 856-423-9129 before beginning any home repair or construction projects to determine what building, electrical or plumbing permits may be required. 

Purpose of Permits

The proper permit serves as protection against contractors who may not follow mandated laws promulgated for consumer protection and is also important for insurance purposes. Calling first can save you money in the long run.

Certificates of Occupancy Inspections

CO inspections will be conducted on Tuesdays and Thursdays between 10AM and 2PM unless an emergent situation exists.

Property Maintenance / Zoning 

Property Maintenance Codes are enforced and investigated by the Property Maintenance Official. The Property Maintenance Form may be filed to initiate a complaint. This form can be emailed to or may be faxed to Property Maintenance Official at 856-423-7059.

Property Maintenance Official / Zoning Administrator
Joseph Giordano, Jr.
856-423-9129 x 214

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