Emergency Management


  • Coordinator - Robert Schoch
  • Deputies
    • Kenneth Chew
    • Tammi Minix
    • Kirk Fairley  
  • 911 Coordinator - Robert Schoch
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Terror Alert Elevated
Power Outages

Our town is served mostly by Atlantic City Electric, about 2,170 customers. 
Which consists of 1,692 Utility Poles, 45 Miles of Distribution Lines, 6 Substations and 8 Circuits.

There is an app for reporting outages on your phone, or you can call 800-833-7476. This helps them gauge the severity of the situation, and the app can sometimes give you an estimate of when they expect to restore your service.

Mitigation Plan

Check out the Hazard Mitigation Plan.


As part of the ongoing update of the Gloucester County Multi-Jurisdictional Hazard Mitigation Plan, a Preliminary Municipal Appendix is available for review that addresses natural hazard mitigation issues for our community. The Preliminary Municipal Appendix can be downloaded from the plan site by:
  1. Clicking on “Gloucester County”
  2. Clicking on “Greenwich Township                                                        

Emergency Management Responsibilities

  • To ensure the complete and efficient unitization of all township facilities to combat disasters resulting from emergencies, natural or man made
  • To protect life and property in emergencies by coordinating response activities of municipal departments and emergency response entities to ensure optimum use
  • To coordinate the efforts of all departments for use in their planning of future improvements, prevention and negating potential harm
  • To assist in the establishment of laws, ordinances, resolutions and procedures for the public's safety and the promotion of immediate response to emergency situations
  • To provide information to the public for emergency preparedness and to make presentations to civic organizations for preparedness
  • To assist township departments with acquiring information and training for emergency response

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More Information

If you have questions about Emergency Preparedness or Flood Protection, brochures are available at the Municipal Building.

Get Prepared!

  1. 4-person-standard-home-survival-kit

    Example Emergency Kit

    Typical supplies for a family of 4.

    Don't forget your pets!

    (Greenwich Twp is not affiliated with this vendor. Merely a sample of what is available.)

    More on preparing children:  CDC Kids Books - Ready Wrigley